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The Miller Act provides that, before a contract that exceeds $100,000 in amount for the construction, alteration, or repair of any building or public work of the United States is awarded to any person, that person shall furnish the federal government with the following:
  • A performance bond in an amount that the contracting officer regards as adequate for the protection of the federal government.
  • A separate payment bond for the protection of suppliers of labor and materials. The amount of the payment bond shall be equal to the total amount payable by the terms of the contract unless the contracting officer awarding the contract makes a written determination supported by specific findings that a payment bond in that amount is impractical, in which case the amount of the payment bond shall be set by the contracting officer. The amount of the payment bond shall not be less than the amount of the performance bond.

Our Miller Act attorneys can assist Colorado contractors and sureties, and nationwide business with:


The Miller Act payment bond covers subcontractors and suppliers of material who have direct contracts with the prime contractor. These are called first-tier claimants. Subcontractors and material suppliers who have contracts with a subcontractor, but not those who have contracts with a supplier, are also covered and are called second-tier claimants. Anyone further down the contract chain is considered too remote and cannot assert a claim against a Miller Act payment bond posted by the contractor.

Many states in the U.S. have adapted the Miller Act for use at the state level. These state statutes may be referred to as, "Little Miller Acts."

Federal Miller Act
. Government construction contractors sometimes run into problems during the life of the contract. Our Federal Miller Act attorneys provide you with vigorous representation and advice in this area of law. Both Prime and subcontractor face problematic areas under the Miller Act such as payment bond issues, performance bond concerns and more. Our law firm can help you in any of these areas.

Miller Act Surety Representation

If you are a Miller Act surety, prime contractor or subcontractor, our government contract attorneys are experienced in this area of government contract law.

Watson & Associates can represent individual or corporate sureties on government construction projects. Our surety lawyers understand your rights under the Miller Act.

Concise Government Miller Act Thinking: Most importantly, our firm doesn't only understand the Miller Act but we also understand the various regulations that apply to the Prime Contractor that maybe an 8a firm, Joint venture, Hubzone or other specialize Construction Company.

Most construction Miller Act attorneys don't always have a grasp on all of the various rules that may apply to a construction case and a sudden twist in the wrong direction may cost you. For example, there may be cases where individual sureties are involved. The FAR allows this and you should have a Miller Act Attorney that understands how this factor fits into the litigation issues.

Most construction Miller Act attorneys understand construction law. However, our Colorado and D.C team of lawyers are unique because we practice construction law plus we have unmatched experience in government contracting and small business programs. Complex situations can require knowledge of all areas.

Our Construction Miller Act lawyers assist federal government contractors in Colorado Springs, Denver, Omaha, Nebraska, New Mexico, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Utah, Wyoming, Kansas

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Watson & Associates, LLC government contracts attorneys providing Bid Protest and Federal Miller Act representation to prime and subcontractors in Colorado springs, Denver, Omaha, Nebraska, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma. Utah, Wyoming and Kansas.

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